Bowman set to complete challenge tonight at Mt. P

Senior Brittan Bowman gets set in his blocks with the help of his twin Blair. The duo will graduate from FHS this spring.
Senior Brittan Bowman gets set in his blocks with the help of his twin Blair. The duo will graduate from FHS this spring.

Trojan senior Brittan Bowman will complete his one-man “B-Bow Challenge” Thursday afternoon in Mt. Pleasant when he competes in the open 800, the last of 19 events the soon-to-be Cyclone needs for his conquest.

“He’s just an athlete,” said his track coach Brian Dunlap. “He’s turned himself into a utility-type of guy. I can throw him in the 4x800 or 4x400, he can run a sprint relay, he can do multiple field events and so it’ll be nice to have the challenge wiped out and we can just use him wherever we need him most. The challenge has been fun and hasn’t hampered anything, but he’s not going to throw the discus or run the 32[00]. It’ll be nice to just put him in four events that will serve everybody best.”

Bowman expected the mile and two-mile races to be the toughest, but he may have secured those events fates’ as the suckiest when he ran them on the same day.

“I ran them in the same meet and it was not a good idea,” explained Bowman. “We got them done in the same meet, so I didn’t have to dread them to the end.”

Dunlap added that Bowman truly is valuable in many places, including being a “decent quarter-miler” and a “respectable half-miler” who can also hurdle. “He’s a very nice guy to have around,” said Dunlap.

“I’m not going to lie,” promised Bowman who went on to say, “Most of the time when it comes to long distance and stuff like that, I just take advice from some of the kids that have been running it a lot like Mark [Diers] or Dalton [Rippey] and ask them how they pace themselves in those situations. When it comes to field events, I usually take a day and practice just so I know what I’m doing and I don’t do something stupid. Same thing with hurdles, so I knock it out and then I don’t have to do it again.”

Bowman said the easiest event has been the 100 meter dash, because “it’s the shortest,” and only took a little more than :10 of his life.

A surprise was Brittan discovering he isn’t a half-bad high jumper.

“The first time I actually didn’t do too bad and have been doing it ever since,” said the athletically-versatile Trojan. “I’ve gotten better at it and we just thought of this as a way for me to fill spots. It’s crazy that we found something that I’m good at. That wasn’t the goal but it was something we discovered.”

Best memory?

“The support from my teammates and everyone around me that knew about it,” said Bowman of the Fairfield community. “It’s cool how everyone looks at me like just some guy who wants to have fun on the track and that’s what I’m really out here to do.”

Having fun?

“Absolutely. The beginning of senior year can be stressful with scholarships and everything, but now it’s just like we’re on the backstretch and it can’t get any better than this.”

Ready for Prom?

“Mama B-Bow has it all planned out so we’re very thankful for her so I don’t have to be stressed. I’ve got a sick fit and It’s going to be great weekend for me.”