Come on, feel the noise

The Trojan marching band seniors are, from left, front row, Annatta Charoenkul, Hannah Clubb, Austin Atkinson, Amber Burroughs, Alex Holden, Madison Kraemer and Blair Bowman; second row: Austin Kruse, Laurel Hilger, James Trent, Calista Rowe, Ellie Baker, Mark Diers, Kobe Cassens-Naveese, Dalton Rippey, Brian Parcell and Evan Huff.
The Trojan marching band seniors are, from left, front row, Annatta Charoenkul, Hannah Clubb, Austin Atkinson, Amber Burroughs, Alex Holden, Madison Kraemer and Blair Bowman; second row: Austin Kruse, Laurel Hilger, James Trent, Calista Rowe, Ellie Baker, Mark Diers, Kobe Cassens-Naveese, Dalton Rippey, Brian Parcell and Evan Huff.

This year, Fairfield High band director Jim Edgeton has 17 seniors to help lead the marching Trojans, with most of them having played together since 2011 when they were in fifth grade.

One of the biggest challenges for all of the FHS teachers/coaches is sharing students who participate in multiple events in the same “season” such as band/choir/sports and arts, something Edgeton prefers to the alternative.

“It slows us down a bit to perform with parts missing because sometimes we have to teach it twice,” admitted Edgeton, “but they are very dedicated and we would rather give them the opportunities than to not allow them to do more than one thing,” added the long time instructor.

“We work around the beginning of school and sports to get ready for our first performance in just a three-week span,” said Edgeton. “Some of these kids just ran 3.5 miles for cross country and then they come here and get straight to work marching for an hour and a half.”

The Trojan leader said that he wasn’t overloaded on sleep at the start of their season, but by the time the first home football game/performance came and went, it was “easier to relax.”

Here is a brief look at the 17 Trojan senior band members.

Alex Holden

Instrument: Flute since 5th grade

“Mr Adam told me I was really good at flute even though I wanted to play saxophone, so I chose flute and I am very happy with that decision.”

Hannah Clubb

Instrument: Flute since 5th grade

Clubb thought it was a cool instrument and definitely feels that way still. Her fav memory was singing Moana on their band trip to Florida.

Annatta Charoenkul

Instrument: Alto Sax since 5th grade

“Balancing music and sports helps me, especially because I always sing songs in my head when I’m playing tennis.”

Blair Bowman

Instrument: French Horn since 5th grade

“This was the only instrument I could play easily. I will miss the people and the support the town gives you. I’m sad and excited for senior things to be coming and going.”

Madison Kraemer

Instrument: Flute since 5th grade/Drum major since 10th grade

“You have to know everyone else’s part on top of your own, so you learn your part and then go learn all of theirs and make sure you know what they are doing.”

Alto saxophones is Kraemer’s favorite group to lead because “they are always together and a really good section in general.” Kraemer said the biggest challenge is making sure everyone has the right music and step charts and knows where they are as a band.

Ellie Baker

Instrument: Trumpet since 5th grade

“It’s loud and I’m loud so that’s our connection.”

Baker added that “We have to focus on dynamics during concert band, because we are so used to being as loud as possible when we are marching so we can be heard and I wanna blare!”

She also said that a lot of the seniors are ready to leave and begin their journeys and “We’re all tense and hyper. It’s kind of fun.”

James Trent

Instrument: Alto Sax since 6th grade

This is Trent’s third different band because his family has moved a lot.

“Coming from bigger cities, people don’t connect as much, but this being a small town people connect with each other easily and get along,” said the senior.

“You get attached to a way of playing and before, I was used to playing smooth and elegant but here we are loud and proud and it can be hard to transition between them. I love how kind people are and how accepting they have been of me and the way I play.”

Laurel Hilger

Instrument: Clarinet since 5th grade

Hilger wanted to play the same instrument as mom, but said there are no “jam sessions” because it was her mom’s clarinet and they only have one.

“She helped teach me when I was little and now I get to learn on my own and it’s cool.”

Laurel likes the community of the band. “I got to learn from the older kids when I was in ninth grade and now I get to show the younger kids the ropes.”

Kobe Cassens-Naveese

Instrument: Clarinet since 5th grade

“When I was in fifth grade I watched a lot of Sponge Bob and Squidward was my inspiration.”

Kobe is excited to get out and is looking at the University of Iowa and UNI.

Dalton Rippey

Instrument: French Horn since 5th grade

Rippey just “felt right” playing it with Mr Adam and “It’s a different instrument than the rest because it’s in the middle of two areas of playing. Sometimes I’m a clarinet and sometimes I’m with the saxophones.”

Dalton also believes sports and music helps him balance time because, “I came here straight from cross country and being involved helps me keep everything organized.”

Evan Huff

Instrument: Trumpet from 5th through 8th grades, then switched to Baritone

“Mr. Adam told me they needed more low brass in the band so I made the switch.”

Huff added that the “trumpet was fun and now it’s hard to go back because it’s like you’re trying to play through a straw with the different mouth piece.”

Mark Diers

Instrument: Trumpet since 5th grade

Nancy played it, so she introduced it to him before fifth grade and he figured he’d keep going. Diers loved all the trips to Pella at Tulip Time and playing in the parade.

“It’s good to be busy all the time. It’s a challenge, but it’s a good challenge.”

Amber Burroughs

Instrument: Trumpet since 5th grade

Both of Burroughs brothers and dad played trumpet, but she got her own because they sold theirs. She likes the sound of the trumpet and thinks it’s fun to play.

likes the sound of the trumpet and it’s fun to play

“I enjoy Pella and our trip to Florida where we got to spend the day at Universal and I loved Harry Potter World.”

Calista Rowe

Instrument: Flute since 2nd grade

Rowe’s mom is a music teacher and played flute.

“There’s no pressure from my mom. We are very different about how we approach band and playing music and she is very nice about it and doesn’t pressure me into getting too much better if I don’t want to practice.”

Rowe added that she enjoys it, “but I have other interests that are more prominent like vocal music and architecture.”

Brian Parcell

Instrument: Percussion since 5th grade

“It’s pretty easy and we get to play a wide variety of instruments that are easy to learn except bells which is different.”

Parcell said the biggest challenge can be keeping tempo, especially “When we have weird beats.”

He thinks everything about percussion is pretty cool and promises that you can’t just smack the drums if you are lost because, “it will throw everyone off!”

Austin Adkinson

Instrument: Clarinet since 5th

“Mr. Adam said I was best at this and I still like it, but not sure about why, although you play with a lot of girls and you can get some chicks.”

Austin believes that Trojan Pride is treating each other equally and how you’d want to be treated, something he feels is prevalent in the band.

“Im going to miss school, but I’m looking forward to what the future holds.”

Austin Kruse

Instrument: Tuba since 5th grade

“I was best at it and I’ve been playing ever since. I was kind of a smaller, shorter kid back then, but it’s a special instrument and that drew me to it.”

Kruse said they make them easy to carry, but “it took a while to get use to it and being sore the next day. As the years have gone by, I’ve gotten better and now I’m really good at it.”

Austin has to balance being loud and still being in tune and personally tries to be loud while still blending with the band.