Local boys' teams track and field at Mt. P

Nearly two dozen teams converged on Mt. Pleasant Thursday for the Denny White Relays with the host Panthers taking first place overall while Pekin was second and the top scorer in Class B. Cardinal finished eighth, Fairfield was 13th and Van Buren was 19th out of 22 teams.


1 Mount Pleasant 157.50

2 Pekin 126

3 Washington 107.50

4 Wapello 101

5 Iowa City Liberty 90

6 Centerville 79.50

7 Mediapolis 70.50

8 Cardinal 68

9 Clear Creek Amana 65

10 Louisa-Muscatine 58

11 Winfield-Mt. Union 57

12 W. Burlington ND 56

13 Fairfield 54.50

14 New London 54

15 Fort Madison 50

15 Mt. P JV 50

17 Danville 46

17 Keokuk 46

19 Van Buren 40.50

20 WACO 32

21 Central Lee 23

22 Lone Tree 21

800 Sprint Medley Class A

Senior Caden Jones, juniors Matthew Swanson and Landon Kooiker and sophomore Kevin Kretz ran in that order for the Trojans who finished seventh with a time of 1:43.46.

Class B

Pekin was second in the smaller schools race with Crochet, Ledger, Earnest and C. Millikin combining for a time of 1:41.45. Cardinal was sixth with Becker, Liles, Greiner and Reyes clocking in at 1:42.87. Eighth place Van Buren recorded 1:44.27 with S. Stoltz, C. Stoltz, Bartholomew and Heckenberg.

3200 Meter Run Class A

Junior Bryan Wilkins was seventh for FHS with a time of 10:53.71 while teammate, freshman Caden Mickels, clocked in at 10:59.58 for eighth.

Class B

Pekin’s Colten Glosser collected the small school victory with a time of 10:29.99, while Ben Clark (11:47.59) of Cardinal was seventh, Comet Gavin Grove (12:41.18) was 12th and Warrior Teddy Metcalf (12:56.79) was 13th.

4x800 Meter Relay Class A

Fairfield was third with Mark Diers, Dalton Rippey, Dylan Harvey and Alex Forrest combining for a time of 8:52.74.

Class B

Pekin was first with Wise, Conger, Stull and B. Millikin clocking in at 9:17.62, while Cardinal’s (10:31.98) Castle, Zugg, Pedersen and Mullkin were third.

4x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Class B

The Panthers Crochet, Ledger, Earnest and Fraise finished first in 1:08.17 while Cardinal (1:18.21) was sixth with Rupe, Liles, Rea and Sanders.

100 Meter Dash Class A

Nathan Trower (13.68) and Blake Metz (14.06) finished 18th and 19th, respectively.

Class B

Pekin’s Dayne Eckley (11.73) was second while Spencer Stoltz (12.92) of Van Buren was 12th, Max Betancourt (13.35) and Bilal Syed (13.48) were 15th and 16th, respectively, Teddy Metcalf (13.97) of Van Buren was 18th and Trevor VanBrocklin (15.02 ) of Pekin was 21st.

Distance Medley Class A

FHS (3:54.71) sent Jones, Bowman, Kretz and Diers to a second place finish.

Class B

Van Buren (3:55.62) was first with Hamburg, Bartholomew, Caston and Heckenberg, Cardinal (3:56.04) was second running G. Greiner, J. Greiner, Nuland and Becker with Pekin (4:02.26) running Rohr, Jones, Conger and Glosser to a third place finish.

400 Meter Dash Class A

Trojan senior Dylan Harvey was ninth in a time of 1:00.45.

400 Meter Dash Class

Teammates Lane Davis (57.88) and Clay Neeley (59.21) of Van Buren were seventh and eighth, respectively, while Latcham (59.78) and Millikin (1:00.90) of Pekin were 10th and 13th, respectively, and Cardinal’s Bryant (1:02.95) and Doggett (1:12.02) were 14th and 18th, respectively.

4x200 Meter Relay Class A

Fairfield ran a time of 1:46.04, good for eighth place for Metz, Martin, Bowman and Ferrell.

Class B

Cardinal (Greiner, Greiner, Reyes and Albert) were first in 1:35.43, Pekin (C.Millikin, Crochet, Winn and Eckley) were second in 1:35.65 and Van Buren (C. Stoltz, Johnson, Hamburg and Story) were ninth in 1:45.19.

110 Meter Hurdles Class A

Matthew Swanson was seventh in 18.39 while Jackson Nelson was 11th in 20.24.

Class B

Devin Fraise finished seventh with a time of 18.48 for Pekin while Cardinal’s Ian Liles (18.69) was ninth.

800 Meter Run Class A

Senior Dalton Rippey completed the half-milf in 2:09.23, good for fourth place.

Class B

B. Millikin (2:05.41) of Pekin was first, J. Heckenberg (2:09.01) of Van Buren was second, Z. Wise (2:17.16) of Pekin was fifth, L. Becker (2:17.93) of Cardinal was sixth, Tony Castle (2:40.79 of Cardinal was 18th and L. DeShane (2:56.32) of Van Buren was 21st.

200 Meter Dash Class A

Trower (27.95) and senior Nathan Mathis (28.57) finished 15th and 17th, respectively.

Class B

Second place went to Cardinal’s Trey Albert (23.86) while Pekin’s Eckley (25.08) and Winn (25.48) were fifth and sixth, respectively, and Van Buren’s C. Stoltz (26.21) and L. Davis (26.97) were ninth and 12th.

400 Meter Hurdles Class A

Swanson (1:07.15) was ninth and Nelson (1:12.71) was 14th for FHS.

400 Meter Hurdles Class B

Fourth place Cole Earnest (1:02.91) of Pekin was followed by Austin Denny (1:03.39) of Van Buren in fifth, Michael Jones of Pekin (1:06.70) in eighth and Morgan Rupe (1:13.19) of Cardinal.

1600 Meter Run Class A

Trojan Alex Forrest was fourth in 4:50.55 while Bryan Wilkins (5:04.21) was seventh.

Class B

B. Millikin (4:49.51) won the race for Pekin with teammate C. Glosser (4:59.31) coming in third for the Panthers. Cardinal’s G. Zugg (5:32.86) was 11th while Van Buren’s Daniel Downey (5:51.26) and Elijah Powell (5:54.38) were 16th and 17th, respectively.

4x100 Meter Relay Class A

Fairfield (47.68) was 10th with Ferrell, Bowman, Jones and Kooiker.

Class B

Cardinal (46.13) was second with G. Greiner, J. Greiner, G. Reyes and T. Albert, Pekin (46.62) was third with C. Millikin, D. Fraise, K. Winn and D. Eckley while Van Buren (49.44) was eighth with Hamburg, Johnson, Story and S. Stoltz.

4x400 Meter Relay Class A

FHS was sixth with Kretz, Diers, Rippey and Kooiker clocking in at 3:44.31.

Class B

Van Buren (3:51.35) was fourth, Pekin (3:59.06) was sixth and Cardinal (4:08.00) was eighth in Class B.

High Jump Class A

Sam Beatty of Mt. Pleasant bested his friendly Trojan rival Landon Kooiker with the Panther jumping 6’6” and Fairfield’s junior getting up to 6’04.25” and teammate Brittan Bowman notching 5’6 for ninth.

Class B

Caleb Johnson of Van Buren and Dustin Adams of Pekin tied for 11th with a leap of 5’4”.

Long Jump Class A

Trojan junior Drew Martin was 11th with a flight of 16’07.50”.

Class B

Albert of Cardinal was first with a distance of 19’11.75” with Pekin’s Devin Fraise (19’09.75”) second and Cardinal’s Griffin Greiner (19’00”) coming in third. C. Stoltz (17’03.50”) was eighth, M. Jones (15’09.75”) was 13th and C. Johnson of Van Buren (15’07”) was 15th.

Shot Put Class A

Tyrone Haynes of FHS threw 35’03.50” for 13th place.

Class B

Van Buren senior Hunter Rodibaugh was seventh (39’09.00”) followed by eighth place Q. Ledger of Pekin (39’08.50”), J. Rea and C. Mason of Cardinal who were 14th and 20th, respectively, with Van Buren freshman O. Loeffler coming in 21st and L. Kealey finishing 22nd.

Discus Throw Class A

Tristin Waugh threw 133’10” for third place while Chris Kyle was 12th with a distance of 101’04”

Class B

Van Buren’s Hunter Rodibaugh was the top local small schooler with a todd of 124’01 for sixth, followed by Logan Kealey (121’05”) of Pekin ninth, Tayton Bartholomew (111’01”) of Van Buren 14th, Brady Latcham (104’00”) of Pekin 16th, Jarrett Knights (96’06’) of Cardinal 20th and Jarrett Rea (93’09”) of Cardinal 21st.