Trojan boys' return to form on senior night

FHS junior Adrian Restrepo lays out during the Trojans 6-0 victory over Centerville Monday at the Dexter Soccer Complex in Fairfield.
FHS junior Adrian Restrepo lays out during the Trojans 6-0 victory over Centerville Monday at the Dexter Soccer Complex in Fairfield.

Fairfield High improved to 7-5 Monday night when their boys’ soccer team hosted/defeated Centerville 6-0 on senior night at the Dexter Soccer Complex.

“We played better tonight and the rain last week helped in our favor,” explained head coach Felisto Guezimane. “We worked on our possession and our attack through the wings and changing points of attack and we could see that the passing tonight was just excellent”.


Isaac Rosales, Leone Gichure, Landen Schafer, Drake Drish and Xavier Kapijimpanga combined for the six goals with X-Kap netting two of the scores.

“The first goal, all I remember was the ball was being in crossed and hit the keeper and was in the air,” said the sophomore. “I rebounded it and headed it back up into the air and volleyed it with my left foot into the bottom corner.”

As for getting back to game speed after some time off?

“It was pretty slow at first, but once I got in there and started getting some touches on the ball it seemed like I was getting things back together again.”

The junior Gichure also broke down his tally.

“Adrian got it into the left side of the box and I called for the ball. He waited until the perfect moment and he split the gap and put it right in the middle. It was close on the edge and it went passed the goal keeper.”

When asked to speak on behalf of his timid teammate who shys away from interviews, Gichure explained the effectiveness his amigo has.

“Adrian has been a big piece of our possession and it’s kind of a relief to have him to get us the ball when we need to score or drop it back when we need to wait.”

The team also used the week of due to weather to quicken their skills.

“We played a lot of indoor last week because of the rain and that fast paced possession helped us today,” said the junior striker.


“To be honest, I get bored when our team plays really well like we did tonight,” said goalie Maxx Anderson. “I try to keep myself entertained while staying in my 18-box but toward the end I progressed outside my goalie box because their goalie had an impressive drop kick which kept me in my box most of the game.”

“They had one chance,” said senior defenseman Kobe Navesse, “but it honestly wasn’t that great. Anytime they got the ball on our half we were switching and talking and communicating and were able to break down their plays pretty well.”

Navesse said that he likes a better mix of offense and defense and “wanted to be a little more active.”

Coaches corner

“I’m happy to have a full squad and we’re working on integrating the returning players back into the system,” said Guezimane. “We are starting to peak at the right time and you could see that we really controlled the game and that’s what I’m trying to instill into the team. We still feel like we have a target on our back but we just manage that game-by-game.


Fairfield hosts Fort Madison Thursday at 4:30 p.m.