Trojan boys soccer secures share of SEC title

Trojan sophomore Chance Swan scored a goal for FHS Monday night during the host teams’ 7-1 SEC victory over visiting Keokuk at Dexter.
Trojan sophomore Chance Swan scored a goal for FHS Monday night during the host teams’ 7-1 SEC victory over visiting Keokuk at Dexter.

Yes, the Trojan boys’ soccer team still needs to defeat SEC rival Washington on the road Thursday to claim an outright conference championship after their 7-1 victory over Keokuk Monday night at Dexter. The good news is that Fairfield High already has a 1/2 game lead over second-place Mt. Pleasant and a 5-4 goals-scored advantage in head-to-head matchups this season versus the Panthers, if FHS were to lose to the Demons in the regular season finale. They also defeated their conference finale foes 3-1 when Washington visited Fairfield back on April 11.

“Back to back conference champs feels good, but we have more work to do,” suggested senior Nick Frisbie.

Trojan goals were scored in the 12th, 18th, 49th, 52nd, 55th, 67th and 74th minutes.

Juan Rojo

“I got it passed to me from the top of the box and I just shot it bottom right and it went in passed the defenders.”

Nick Frisbie


“I got the ball from Landen [Schafer] and immediately got the ball into the middle to the penalty spot and Isaac [Rosales] just came in and blasted it into the bottom right.”


“Eli [Moore] just blasted it across the field to the far post and I came in and just railed it into the goal from two-feet away.”

Xavier Kapijimpanga

First goal

“Eli [Moore] shot a free-kick and the keeper had it in his hand but he dropped it so I rebounded it and just tapped it into the open goal.”

“Eli played a ball to me wide and I came back inside the middle and had a 1-2 with Adrian who was pressing the defenders on his back even though usually he’s back in the midfield. He back-heeled it to me perfectly and I got my second goal.”

Chance Swan

“Drake crossed the ball to me and I took it down to my chest and dribbled around one guy and then I ended up over by the goal off-balance to shoot it so I took another touch and pulled the ball back and turned and the goal was open so I put it in. I didn’t really know what happened. I was like, ‘Wow!”

Eli Moore

“One of the defenders and I were fighting for the ball and I cut it in between and passed him and shot to the far post and Nick [Frisbie] just pounded it in and it was an easy shot for him.”

Drake Drish had two assists

“I got the ball and pulled it back and crossed it to Chance [Swan] who chested it and put it in. The other one I got from Jacob [Bland] and I turned and played it off to Leone who turned and dribbled it down and scored.”

Maxx Anderson

“I made a dive and blocked it and they got it back and hit it far post and instead of going hands-first, I went feet first and it went in-between my legs.”

Coaches corner

“We are a good team,” said head coach Felisto Guezimane, “but I was very frustrated with our first-half play and the halftime talk wasn’t very pretty. For some reason, they could have scored in the first minutes of the game because we aren’t focused and we talk about that every practice, before every game and now at halftime. We need to start the game focused, but for some reason they start every game in the clouds.”

Advice from a former teammate, Shawn Spurrier

“Maybe they just have to focus on starting the first five minutes fast and play as hard as they can and then settle in.”


Fairfield hosts Oskaloosa tonight and travels to Washington Thursday.