Trojan gentlemen bid adieu to basketball

The Fairfield boys’ basketball award winners are, from left, Mark Diers, Brittan Bowman, Cole Engle, Austin Simpson, Collin Breen, Tristin Waugh, Carson Crile, Drew Martin and Landon Kooiker.
The Fairfield boys’ basketball award winners are, from left, Mark Diers, Brittan Bowman, Cole Engle, Austin Simpson, Collin Breen, Tristin Waugh, Carson Crile, Drew Martin and Landon Kooiker.

Two years and 32 wins later, the Trojan boys’ basketball team isn’t going anywhere and neither is head coach Mick Flattery.

“Through thick and thin, they are going to get me back again,” said Flattery who is “knee-deep into our program on every level, as I should be as the head coach.”

That being said, the team took time to reflect on their season full of successes that included 18 wins, a top-five ranking in Class 3A and a trip to the regional final after winning the Southeast Conference with an 8-0 record for the first time since 2004.

“I had to go out and kind of re-recruit some kids,” admitted Flattery who was thanked by a parent during this interview for getting her son back into basketball. “I gave them more vision of what I could see them being a part of since Joe [Kruzich] and I had coached them in seventh grade football. They all came out and bought in and there was never any drama.”

While the kids are a fun bunch, they took the game and themselves seriously on gameday.

“They were always complimented,” explained Flattery. “One that came from our bus driver Warren Pearson was that everyone one of them, everytime, always thanked him for getting them home safe. My God, what a bunch of gentlemen and we heard that a bunch of times and that’s a credit to their parents and their families. It’s been awesome and, like we told our younger guys, we don’t think we are graduating a program or a tradition, we are graduating seniors and now it’s time for them to carry the torch and get in the weight room and get in the gym and play multiple sports and bring those winning ways to us in November. We had a lot of great memories and those kids are going to do very well in their future endeavors.”



Austin Simpson, Sr.

Post defender

Tristin Waugh, Sr.

“I had to go against Woody Orne every day in practice and he really beat me up quite a bit my junior and senior year. Even before that, my freshmen year, we had Jordan Sathoff who was a really good player and coach for us that was on the scout team and did a really good job preparing us. They got me where I am, playing against each other and being such competitive individuals. Growing up, we’d play one-on-one, especially Cole [Engle] and I and there were so many arguments and beating up on each other. Defensively for me, I’d always have to go against some of the bigger post defenders and Coach Flattery helped me during the early months of the season, working on defensive slides and stuff like that and getting low.”

Perimeter defender

Cole Engle, Sr.


Carson Crile, Sr.

“In the offseason I’d go into the gym with Mark Diers and we’d shoot like 300-400 shots off the gun and we just did that all throughout the offseason and when it came to the regular season, we were ready to shoot.”

“Obviously it’s [sad] and it’s our last night together as a basketball team, but, you know, a lot of memories with these boys and it was fun while it lasted, but you know, the next chapter starts and I won’t forget any of these guys.”

Mr. Hustle

Drew Martin, Jr.

Team First

Mark Diers, Sr.


Brittan Bowman, Sr.

Rookie of the Year

Landon Kooiker, Jr.

Next up

“It’s definitely the end of an era for our seniors and playing together since fourth grade and knowing each other and going through so much together. I think we really set the standard and our upcoming classes know what they need to do and Coach Flattery knows what he can do with these guys in maximizing their potential and they can exceed our marks and make it to the state tournament, which was our goal. They’re going to have to work hard for it, but I know they can do that.” -Tristin Waugh

More of Mick

“I love the things that I see and I love my coaching staff. We have a very supportive administration and we’ve already worked on the schedule for next year and scrimmages and how we are balancing things. There are so many that make this thing go, it’s not just me.”