Trojan junior varsity girls improve to 10-1

The future looks to continue to be bright for the Fairfield girl’s basketball program with the junior varsity team collecting two easy wins since the holiday break to improve to 10-1 on the season.

Fort Madison

The Trojans beat the Bloodhounds 55-35 Jan. 4 in Fort Madison.


Delaney Breen 19, Olivia Jones 10, Hannah Simpson 8, Malory Lyon 7, Anna Dunlap 4, Danielle Breen 3, Allison Rebling 2 and Jenna Norris 2.


Fairfield beat Prairie City-Monroe 40-23 Jan. 8


Danielle Breen 9, Malory Lyon 9, Olivia Jones 7, Delaney Breen 4, Trisha Westphal 4, Allison Rebling 3, Hannah Bergren 2 and Anna Westphal 2.

“Our offense didn’t shoot the ball as well as we have some games,” said head coach Jeff Crile. “But our overall effort and defensive pressure was key as it created turnovers. This team works hard on defense every night and our offense is continuing to make improvements.

Next: at Mount Pleasant Friday night with Fairfield defeating the Panthers 55-29 in their first meeting of the season.