Letters to the Editor

Supervisors do not endorse treasurer candidate

To the editor:

It has come to my attention that the Democratic candidate for Jefferson County Treasurer is misrepresenting the facts in his race for the treasurer’s position.

He is implying, in his Oct. 9 advertisement in The Ledger, that since the three Republican county supervisors supported his appointment for the deputy treasurer position (which is a non-partisan position), that they are supporting him for the position of Jefferson County Treasurer. The approval of the position of Deputy Treasure by the supervisors is a formallity and not an endorsenent of any candidacy.

Once he chose to announce as a candidate for treasurer, the three Republican supervisors’ support for Mr. Myers as deputy treasurer did not translate into their support for him as a candidate running for the office.

The supervisors have not and will not endorse any candidate.

Marshan Roth, Jefferson County Republican Chair